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:::::::  ”Well we have water, old soda left from the last people…and that’s about it.” He shrugged. “If you wanted to make a run to the store, you can do that…and we can party I guess.” He laughed slightly. 

        Playing with his own fingers, Tate shrugged. “I dunno. I guess you just are.” Tate was getting tongue tied, and he didn’t know how to do this..he wasn’t good at socializing. 

Stella played with Tate’s hair and closed her eyes as she started to drift off. “I know..” She whispered smiling a bit.


He sighed deeply, and crunched up his mouth for a quick second. “Please don’t leave me..” He asked her, and told her at the same time. 

death-becomes-you asked: "I wouldn't call you fun, but I would say everything and anything coming from you is unexpected." Oleander raised an eyebrow, "Was that an incorrect assumption?"

"It’s only unexpected if you don’t know me that well." He paused. "So I guess you’re right..because you don’t know me… No one does." He smiled slightly. 

death-becomes-you asked: "Well, surprise me. I'm down for anything." Oleander grinned.

"You make me out to be a fun and exciting person?" He laughed. "Well my friend, prepare for disappointment to the 3rd degree.