Does anyone want to RP? I would love you to death if you would.

I miss your rping! :(

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There’s a Light That Never Goes Out:::::RP::::: Closed:::::

—- The days seemed to be merging together, into one giant nightmare. Since starting school at Westfield high, time had stopped for Tate. He felt alone, trapped, and suffocating more as each day passed. He thought about death everyday, but books about birds calmed his nerves. He never fully understood how he has already survived 1 year in this jail cell. He might have been cynical, but he was a bright boy, with straight A’s, and loved by all his teachers.

 One day in Biology, the teacher paused, while she was in the middle of talking about white blood cells. “Class.” she said with a radiating smile, “This is….” She paused again.

          “Violet.” The girl walking into classroom, smirking slightly and looking around the room. The class was so quiet, you could hear a pin drop. Tate noticed the girl pulling at her long sleeved shirt underneath her floral dress.





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